25/05/2013 13:55

I elected to utilize the support of WiredTree Hosting last week. The transition was smoother than A2 Hosting's uptime, the host that we used prior to this, so much so that I suppose people were unaware of it. I was at the outset very afraid of moving our site to the new hosting server, for this reason I procrastinated for a few months.

However, WiredTree's service team, proved to me very clearly that the transition was a savvy one.

For over a year, I was hosted at A2 Hosting. We were not happy with them by any means as their downtime was unacceptable and the quality of their service staff inferior. We suffered it for two main reasons: cost and fear. A2 Hosting's plans were highly affordable and they claimed that those packages were unlimited (details afterwards) Cost each month was less than $10.

On the fear side, although I'm pretty computer-savvy, changing hosting servers scared me. We also needed to change from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Being unfamiliar with the technicalities of the hosting procedures, I had the idea that the move would time-consuming and be loaded with technical hazards. Managing a law practice full-time left me with very little time for online work and definitely no time for the perplexing world of hosting procedures.

We would not have minded carrying on with A2 Hosting in spite of its shortcomings as a consequence of it being so cost-effective and as a consequence of the anxiety of the shift. Lately, however, we were notified that we were applying too many information on their purportedly limitless plan. I'm still curious about how A2 Hosting concluded that we were exceeding the constraint on their unrestricted plan. Well, the last straw was when A2 told us we had a week to relocate.

WiredTree was introduced to me by someone.

Needless to say, I am only writing this according to my own experiences, but other users may think otherwise.

It's obvious why they are one of the fastest growing firms in the U.S. WiredTree is one of the most desirable VPS or dedicated server providers that you will not regret making use of. Everything has been going well for me and my online enterprise throughout the two years that I've been with them.

The price is five times what A2 Hosting offered but as soon as we made use of WiredTree's services, we could see the big contrast. I was convinced by WiredTrees impressive security and support that we'd made the right move.. At A2, my support tickets would require hours to acquire a response. At WiredTree, I obtained a reply in minutes. They even affirmed my order by giving me a telephone call. (I was genuinely in conversation with people using the phone!)

A WiredTree service staff brought me through every level, saving our past host, sending it to our new one and relocating our internet addresses, everything went efficiently. In the end, the overall course of action was over within the hour. If you are someone who is not computer-savvy, the talent and proficiency of WiredTree's staff will make it easy for you to make the transfer in very little time. I won't be surprised that not a soul detected that we'd transferred bearing in mind how smoothly it moved. We have no remorse with our selection of our new web server, WiredTree.